Impassioned Fowl- Post Mortem

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August 26th, 2015 12:47 pm


This year for ludum dare I branched into “real” games, or rather just not twine games. I stupidly looked at a predicted themes list and thought a world in the skies was going to be the theme, I had a great idea for a stealth game where you steal planets. Anyway, it was cool but that wasn’t the theme. You are the monster seemed to me at first glance a much better theme for an introspective twine story but I stuck to my guns and while listening to R Kelly I mocked up the Goose animation at 3am then slept on the idea. I had a solid idea for the game when I woke up (2 hours late) I set about getting the geese into the game. Day 1 consisted of getting the geese to honk and the sky looking cool, as well as setting up ¬†buttons and some basic stuff. Day two, I made the start and ending screens and sorted out the code behind the game. It may not seem like much but it was surprisingly time consuming!

Issues: Stencyl was very unstable, it crashed numerous times and gave memory errors often, but luckily it saved lots so it was more of an annoyance than anything.

Stencyl had a few things like not being able to copy whole animations that led me to spending a lot of time reimporting frames etc.

What went well: I think the game works well, there are no massive bugs and I think it looks polished.

The music and sound effects which I made (especially the honking, which is very lifelike thanks to my throat)

The goose animation, it is very satisfying:


And apparently the humour of the messages, I have had some good comments.

What didn’t go so well: I would have liked to add some more messages, sounds and general content but mainly I would have liked to tier the level system more and add mroe challenges, as at the minute apart from the moving buttons after level five the speed just increases incrementally.

Overall: a big success, I look forward to further comments and the final scores!




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