Guys, don’t forget to comment when rating!

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August 26th, 2015 4:19 pm

I’ve noticed that a lot of people rate games without leaving any comment. I don’t remember it being this much the case for previous game jams.

I think we can all agree that for the most part, Ludum Dare and other game jams are about learning from our mistakes and improving our gamedev skills. This is not a popularity contest (well, not at first anyway). If nobody leaves any comment, however harsh they may be, nobody will improve.

So, for the sake of self-improvement, please leave your opinions when you rate a game, even if there is not much positive things to say, constructive criticism is always helpful. 😉

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  1. Rocketship says:

    Second this very much, the relatively large amount of feedback is the biggest reason that makes these jams so great.

  2. KunoNoOni says:

    Completely agree with this. I have 28 comments on my game yet there are only 13 comments. Feedback is essential for growth. So please take a few extra minutes and let the developer know what you thought about their game.

  3. Zammalad says:

    +1 for this – the main reason I entered, other than to have fun, was to see what areas I needed to work on and without getting constructive feedback this doesn’t happen. I don’t mind even it it is to say what is bad or didn’t work as long as it has structure e.g. “It felt wrong when moving diagonally as you move to fast” rather than “I like this” or something similar.

  4. JoseArias says:

    This was our first LD (and game) and I agree. We are completely beginners so all the feedback that we receive is great. In fact, I plan to do some small changes (those typical things that you see after sleeping a bit and you can change in 2 min) based on the comments that we received. We received a lot of comments and we can learn from them but I have seen games with very very few comments, so I completely understand what you are saying.

    • stevenlr says:

      The problem is not necessarily with people not rating some games, but with people rating games but not commenting them. I can understand that sometimes there is not much to say, but a ratio of 3 ratings of 1 comment is, in my opinion, not normal, especially when you see people that have, after the jam, rated over 400 games, which means that since they have finished their game, they have rated a game every 5 minutes without any stop or sleep. This is ridiculous, and is a problem for the integrity of this game jam. But I guess this is what happens as communities grow.

      • Gaspard_ says:

        In defense of the jammers(not those in the compo though), if they are in teams they are supposed to all play&vote under the same account according to the rules if I recall correctly.
        I think that is pretty unfair. Teams who already have an advantage by being more than one get also an exposure advantage but whatever.
        Also it is important for people to note that when you comment on other peoples’ entries, there is a high chance they will comment on yours.
        I can reasonably believe though that out of the thousands of participants, there might be a cheater using a bot. Last time someone was regularly spamming the same post throughout all LD…

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