“The Monster Within” post-mortem

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August 25th, 2015 1:21 pm

So, LD33 is over, and once again I made something: The Monster Within.


The theme was You are the Monster, and I wanted to really incorporate the theme into the gameplay mechanics for once (well yeah, Curved Curse did that, but the topic was very broad and there was no way but incorporate it into the gameplay itself).

Although you play a monster in The Monster Within, I took the theme a bit further. The theme reminded me of an exclamated “Look at yourself! You’ve become a Monster!”, something a movie wife might say to her increasingly out-of-control husband who just killed the neighbor that found out about the family’s dark secret.

The idea I came up with was the following: your main objective is to eliminate enemies from within a crowd of mostly civilians (in a generic top-down action game). However you turn into a Monster whenever you kill someone, which grants you a lot more power, but also impairs your senses; you can no longer differentiate between civilians and enemies. As a result, I figured, people would have to decide between two playstyles, going on a rampage and killing as many people as possible, regardless of their type, or trying to play strategically by memorizing the enemies in the crowd.

The Monster Within, normal and beast mode

The Monster Within, normal and beast mode

[read the full post-mortem on my blog]

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