Post mortem of Raiders of the retirement home

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August 25th, 2015 4:45 pm

What went ok :

Bresenham (for lines of sight) and particles : once again, I owe Deepnight and his great libraries a big thank you.

The cake : I baked myself a great cake before the ludum dare : 2 days of pleasure and energy delivery !

Music : I made it during the final hour while I was tired and afraid to be late, and I didn’t really want to include it because I was not very proud. Obviously it is very simple and repetitive but it improves definitely the mood. A big thank you to Terry Kavanagh and his easy to use Bosca ceoil !

Characters : even though I had to create new characters from scratch, my experience on Unit maker helped me do it faster. And by using UM characters as examples I spared myself the animation job which would have been long (and hideous)

What failed or is missing :
As several people pointed out, there is no losing condition. I was afraid not to be able to make :
– a good level design
– a good “IA” for the adventurers who are supposed to fear you, shoot, patrol and investigate. And I was right about that one : sometimes the adventurers get stuck face against a wall, or don’t go back to patrol after an investigation.
In these conditions I was afraid that I might create an impossible level and I decided to let the adventurers be annoying but not lethals. The shield makes you immune to the impact and makes the game much easier but you are invicible anyway.

One more time I used the same key for interaction and passing text : very stupid because people miss some parts of my amazing writing.

A few graphical bugs (tombs cut in half, z display order not perfect… )


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