Pedestrian Slaughterer: Post Mortem

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August 25th, 2015 3:34 pm

My entry for the 48 hour compo Ludum Dare was Pedestrian Slaughterer, a game where you shall do your very best to slaughter as many pedestrians as you can because you’re a monster, however if you run out of bloodlust you lose! To your advantage you have a hovercraft to more easily slaughter more pedestrians quickly, however be aware if you hit something to hard you will fall off and lose!

What Went Well

  • Graphics: I am actually quite happy about the 3D models of my game. I really enjoyed working in blender, however I don’t have much experience with it and this was my very first 3D game that I actually completed. Which I am very happy about. The outline effect gave a cartoon-ish look, which I find very cool.
  • Using I had a suggestion to add a score board in my first game and I used that advice, luckily I have used this free database service before and it is really easy to setup, it is not very reliable but for something like Ludum Dare I don’t really care about consistency or security (let’s be honest, who’d actually care about creating a dedicated server for a small game like this?).
  • Ragdolls: I successfully added ragdolls to my game which is awesome, I mean they are probably the best thing ever.
  • The idea: The theme was probably the best one so far for me and I am really happy with the idea I came up with. I love ragdolls and I wanted to do a 3D game for a change instead of “another one of those 2D platformers”.
  • Sound effects: I had very little time left for music and SFX, so I just ended up doing some random sounds with my voice and audacity which I find added a lot to the style of the game.

What Did Not Go Well

  • Time Management: As usual I am not very good at prioritizing fundamental game components from small details making it hard to throw in everything I want to make a “decent” game. I’d like to get better at it, but I guess practice is one of the best ways.
  • Lose and win conditions: Originally I planned to just let the player try to kill as many pedestrians as they could and the only way to loose would be to crash into some house or mountain but I figured it could easily be exploited and people could just go really slow and practically avoid losing whatsoever.
  • Control issues: I had some complains from my friends that the hovercraft was hard to control, and the only excuse I have is that I didn’t have time to do any play testing really. I really wanted to implement drifting so that you could “drift” around houses and have much better control.

Thanks for reading my post and have a lovely day because you are awesome!


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