Monsta Stelth Gem! (A Post Mortem)

August 25th, 2015 11:35 pm

Hello guys, here’s our obligatory ‘post-mortem’ from me & Foxel working as a team.

What went well! HURRAH!

There were some key things that went really well during this attempt at Ludum Dare for me & Foxel, here’s our list in order of significance.

  • We did the Ludum Dare in person! Our last 2 LDs were done over Skype as I live in the UK and Foxel lives in Finland. This time we did it in my house! It worked really great, and we had a really fun time making this game.
  • Having game-play that works. This is nearly more significant than what’s above it.
  • The sheer number of lines of code we managed to write that worked. There were things that had to be changed & updated, but we managed to write a lot of code we could keep and that worked.
  • The dedication that went into making our game, that’s something we are honestly proud of. And we’d recommend anyone who wants to do this competition and has the time, should. You learn so much about your capabilities by having a go at Ludum Dare!

What went wrong… Oh no!

  • Too many big time consuming bugs. Things such as a z-sorting class that didn’t work, a set of code for AI that would throw null pointers around like a first time Java programmers attempt at an array! These things hindered progress and demoralised us at times. It’s not fun to have bugs, but it’s certainly not fun when you have a deadline that’s fast approaching and your bugs still haven’t been solved…
  • Having to design a level in the last 2 hours before submission! This is not something we wanted, wished for or even asked for, but it happened because of the point above. It’s sad to think we could have had even more complex levels, but couldn’t due to the lack of time.
  • Not having audio & in game feedback on things like distractions or intractable objects. We would really have liked to send feedback to the player that would tell them what’s going on in the game.

What we’d do differently! Hell yeah! 

  • Be better acquainted with the tools or build a better framework to work with before Ludum Dare. We had issues with things like A*, Z-Sorting, Line of Sight which would have been easier to handle had we had more experience with the tools.
  • Spend less time on features and more time on content. I feel like we hit a point where little features began overcrowding our vision and we lost time and therefore lost a lot of content for the game. A game looks & feels brilliant when features are in, but they shouldn’t push out content in a jam!
  • Sleep more! For definite. We slept, but not enough. Sleep deprivation hinders logical thought processes, which means programming becomes a lot harder.

Here’s a link to our game –

peaceOut(“Foxel & Mace”, (@Foxelbox, @Macecraft));

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