Ludum Dare 33 – Post Mortem

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August 25th, 2015 11:42 pm

Link to the game.

First of all, before I begin, here’s a screenshot!


This is a game about rejection. It starts off with you meeting a lovely ladyfish, and then trying to make contact with her once you’ve made it through a number of challenging, rage-inducing levels… Only to find out that you have actually just been stalking her all along and she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

I went for something totally out of my comfort zone this time. The game uses only two colors and I tried giving it a really realistic CRT monitor effect. I had a lot of fun making this. The great part about it is that because I wasn’t focusing so much on the art, I had more time to work on the actual storytelling and game design.

IMO, I think this is my best LD entry yet. Sometimes you just have to jump out of your comfort zone to make things better ?

I had to flip through a bunch of different styles to figure out which one I wanted to stick with, but eventually settled on the old-school computer look.

The music and sound effects were also kinda interesting. I did all of the music in FL Studio 12 with my Yamaha keyboard and MPD18 pad controller, with drum sounds / samples ripped from PixiTracker, to which they were then stacked, layered, chopped up and reversed, etc.

I’m glad the development went smoothly, but damn, let me just say one thing: Ludum Dare is a really mentally taxing event. I had been up for over 26 hours one day and seriously didn’t feel sane. It’ll mess with your head a bit…

Anyways, you should try out the game and tell me what you think!

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