Postmortem: Kaiju Simulator

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August 25th, 2015 3:00 am

I have to admit that that when I saw the theme for Ludum Dare 33 I was pleased. It gave me an excuse to make a giant monster game because let’s be honest….who wouldn’t want to be a giant monster destroying everything in its path? In my head the game would have everything that you’d see from a godzilla movie, people running scared and being stomped on, cars flying, buildings crashing, lasers, fires, explosions, tanks, helicopters, jetfighters, battles with giant robots. The end result was short of the original vision but I’m still happy with the end result given the time limit.


My past language of choice has been Haxe using the excellent Haxeflixel framework but for this game I decided to give the Godot engine a go since I found the animation system in Godot to be awesome and it enabled me to create the monster’s walk animation quite easily. In fact, I think I spent the great part of the first day just tweaking the walk cycle. The monsters various body parts were just made of images that I had exported from vector graphics using Inkscape. I’ll definitely be using Godot for more game jams in the future.


The pixel building art came out better than I expected. At first I wanted to make the buildings 3D but I found it was easier for me to just make 2d quads in 3d space (my blender 3d modelling skills are practically non existent). It might not be apparent but all the objects (other than the player monster) are auto-spawned as the player moves left to right. I just didn’t have enough entities to make it look as if it was the case.


Sound and music are almost non-existent for the most part. My attempt to learn Garageband in the last couple of hours before the handup was pretty much futile. It wasn’t so much about learning the tool but more about having the musical skills to whip up something cool. I have to admit I got a bit lazy with the sound effects because there are minimal sounds in the game.Unfortunately, I forgot that jam entries could use external assets but it didn’t occur to me to add pre-made music. Darn.

Originally, I wanted to hand in the game for the compo and I had worked right up to the deadline and into the one hour submission period. I thought I made it but I found out that my entry had been put into the jam category late on the third day. Oh well, I had more time to add more polish to the game. I spent the rest of the third day just sprucing up some of the graphics but then I thought, “What would a kaiju be without its superpower?” And that’s when the laser beam and mouse rotatable torso came along. It definitely added to the compo’s version “stomp on everything” limited gameplay.

So where to from here? I’m going to continue developing this into a more full fledged game. There are still more of my kaiju elements that I need to see in this game. I also think it would work well with controllers or even mobile touch screens. Much more to come!

Play and rate Kaiju Simulator now! Comments and feedback very much appreciated.


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  1. chuckeles says:

    +1 for the Godot Engine 😛

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