Slime Quest Post-Mortem

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August 24th, 2015 7:06 pm

This one didn’t progress as far as I would have liked, and it’s due entirely to my laziness. I spent several hours thinking about working on the game and then doing something else instead. Oh well, it’s playable at least.

What went well:
I made a turn based battle system from scratch.
I hit my target number of different enemies and allies.
I think I made a good choice in how enemy encounters work.

What didn’t go so well:
No story of any kind.
Several missing features.
I didn’t do any balancing.
There’s no boss.

Missing features:
No evolution – I intended to set it up so that the main character would evolve every few levels, letting the player choose which way to evolve. Here’s a rough chart of possible evolutions (high attack on the left, defense in the middle, and magic on the right):


Magic / Abilities – Every time you’d evolve you’d get a new ability or spell to use.

Variety in enemy and ally attacks.

An inventory more advanced than just 3 potions.

A sidequest – I was going to hide some number of maguffins that when collected would let you fight a secret boss. Not only are the maguffins not present, there’s nothing to hide them behind either.

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