LD33 Entry: I, Zilla (a real NES prototype)

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August 24th, 2015 10:01 pm

Hi everyone!

It is with great joy that we post our game here!

It is more like a prototype, because we chose the madness of developing a real NES game for this Ludum Dare 33. Yes, on Assembly. Yes, we know, we are crazy 😀

Me (Adrian, Code) and my wife (Carolina, Art) are currently learning to develop NES games as a hobby, so this LD was a great opportunity for us to strenghten our skills.

We had so much more planned for the LD version, but time ran short and we focused on having at least a playable version.

Forgive us for the bugs and not very-well ballanced game design – NES Assembly is really a pain in the a** to bugtrack, specially when we are running against the clock to get some stuff running!

But at least we delivered something – and we are very happy about it. We learned a lot and it was a fantastic experience. Developing a NES prototype from scratch in 72h may sound insane, but… no, it actually is. 😀

We got so motivaded about the results that we are going to try to keep the game updated on the GameJolt page!

Congrats to everyone that participated on this fantastic experiece that Ludum Dare always is!

Cheers and see you on LD34!



Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 23.31.49



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  1. Not for nothing…but we are also doing some NES development. Pretty crafty with assembly to be honest. Perhaps you’d be interested in a collaboration? Twitter @4everhumb1epdx or foreverhumbleproductions@Gmail.com

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