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August 24th, 2015 6:52 am

Here’s a mosaic of all the LD33 COMPO games:



Your game is in that mosaic, I promise!  Happy hunting :)

You can navigate around and easily launch games straight from the mosaic.

You can also easily filter by platform, e.g. easily find web-playable games!

(I am careful to find and filter out unity games that provide web links; those aren’t web-playable for most users who are specifically searching for browser-based games)

Not showing any JAM games yet, obviously.

My own entry, Exogorth, is a JAM entry and is incomplete.  I am looking forward to giving it a bit of polish and instructions tonight before the JAM deadline :)


11 Responses to “LD Game Finder”

  1. Zeriver says:

    Hey, i found mine 😀
    Top right corner – An Honorable Place

    Good job with mosaic!

  2. Andrew Deem says:

    Do one for Jam games! 😀

  3. catchthefloaty says:

    cant for the life of me find my entry

  4. ReDEnergy says:

    Wow… awesome. Any chance you could to do the same for the JAM competition? (of course, after the ending of the competition). It would be awesome if these 2 posts will be top-pinned during the voting process…

  5. Zccc says:

    This is awesome :)

  6. Sunflower says:

    Oh, so these aren’t only picture mosaics now, but they serve as a hub, too? Cool! Found mine, too.

    I’ll make sure to play your game once the Jam period ends. Just you wait… *cue demonic laughter etc.*

  7. JayWoody says:

    How do you do something like this?
    Anyway it’s awesome! Took some time to find mine. :)

  8. LewisChaplin says:

    I found my game!! its such a good mosaic. cool idea!

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