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August 24th, 2015 6:41 am

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Day three! Ah! I was panicking for a lot of the day about whether or not we’d have anything to show for all of our hard work. We had a lot of trouble with our collision system and we kept having to move on and then come back to it only to get frustrated and move on again. We finally found the problem and it turns out I’m an idiot. But now it’s fixed and works great! We’ll definitely have a game to submit tomorrow. :)

Today we managed to do a whole lot of work. We added a couple more translations bringing our total use to seven text and two voiced. Crazy. We finally set up event listeners and implemented our audio and subtitles so now all of our translations are displayed in game. We also added win and lose conditions, though they need to be tweaked. The full “gameplay” aspect of the game is still lacking and our full focus in the final hours will be to get that working. Losing is pretty. When a lose condition is met, your game input is cut (menu input persists) and after a couple seconds the game pauses and allows you to spin your camera freely. It looks really cool. We decoupled our camera input and movement from the normal input and movement systems to allow this more free control.

@shakesoda finally created our cage model while I (@LandonManning) set up the event listeners and options menu so now the game just looks more complete and almost ready. He also significantly improved the menu scene and creates our snazzy logo. Props! Our options menu is simple but it works. You can adjust your language and volume settings. Woo! We also added a blood particle to our diver dude when the time runs out or if you eat him. Lol.

Sleep deprivation is going to kill me tomorrow. I have a job interview in seven hours and then it’s go hard until submission period. Tomorrow’s focus will be purely gameplay.

Good night!

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