Bridge Dweller Post-Mortem

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August 24th, 2015 10:30 pm

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So I finally did a real thorough and complete playthrough of Bridge Dweller. I will say that it’s possible, but barely. You have to be -crazy- conservative. I’m talking kill a few guys, wait for infamy to go down, repeat. Until you have enough money for a slingshot and bullets. Money rates are WAY too low.

There’s also a few bugs. A pretty big exploit to begin with is filling the forest with goblins and then fishing nonstop, replacing goblins with fishmen because of your mountain of fish. This was made easier by a bug which made it so eating fish didnt subtract any, and buying fishmen didnt seem to either.

If you’re fishing, enemies walk right through you. You then walk diagonally off the screen when they turn the corner. Pretty game-breaking. I actually used this to my advantage and won the game though. Totally immunity to knights!

So yeah pretty bad. I’m gonna do a quick patch-job and call it done. That is, until I remake it. I have a lot of big ideas and I think I might give it a shot.

Also, ok, this was weird. Near the end there, while I was developing, game maker studio actually started bugging out for me! it was reading comments as code, sending incredibly illogical error messages at me, and being super janky. I would fiddle with it for a sec, like erasing and re-adding semi-colons, and eventually it would work???? I’ve never had issues with game maker before, and it was very frustrating.

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