After-Compo Feelings and a Question

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August 24th, 2015 8:09 am

I think I did pretty good. Aside from, you know, not polishing the game at all. But overall, I’m happy with my game. It was also my first time making an RTS, so that was a fun new experience.

Good things about my game:

  • Pretty much a playable game
  • Spent more than 10 minutes making music
  • Good graphics (when compared to my other ones, at least there is a bit of variety in models and textures)

Bad things about my game:

  • No polish
    • Many graphical indicators missing
    • Things missing from the tutorial
  • Lack of content (which might be a good thing, since short games are good for LD)
    • A lot of “empty” space (not literally empty, but space that doesn’t have any practical reason to be there)
  • Forgot to add the music (the very same music I mentioned in the “good things”) in-game.
  • A bit clunky and unnecessarily hard-to-control combat.
  • Overall clunky movement of the characters
  • Lack of animations
  • Bugs
    • Selection boxes behave weirdly when camera is rotated
    • Character movement sometimes bugs out a bit (looks a bit like rubberbanding) in slopes
    • Sometimes a character isn’t gathering resources even if it seems like it should
    • Characters are looking 180 degrees in the wrong direction


Now, the question I have for you, dear reader / ludum darer:
Would you categorize the forgetting to enable the sounds under the “MY GAME CRASHES, IS UNBEATABLE, OR I MADE A TYPO” rule? It does mention at the end “No new features, just fixing mistakes you should have caught had you been better rested”, and I would personally think the music isn’t a new a feature since it’s already made (and can be found in my game’s sources), but isn’t set to play.
“Enabling” the music and sfx would take one class to store the sounds and a line of code for each situation in which a sound would play.

TL;DR: Could I enable music and sfx in my game now, after-the-fact, if it would take a few lines of code, according to the rules?


Also, a link to the game, Cruelty.

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  1. Picking a username is hard says:

    Hmm, that’s tough. Why don’t you put a link to the song in the game description, and then people could still listen to it if they wanted too, however I don’t know if you’d be allowed to put the song in. But who knows, you might get away with it as long as you didn’t make it after the compo ended. I personnally would be fine wioth it if you put it in. But idk about everyone else.

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