“Writhe: The Thing from the Omega Sector” complete!

Posted by (twitter: @DragonXVI)
August 23rd, 2015 4:54 pm

Why not Zoidberg?

Writhe is complete! Available download for Windows PC, Mac ‘n Linux!.  Go play it!

As usual I’ll do a writeup/post-mortem thing later on.  For now amma take a rest ‘n play a few games. Hopefully this one’s a little easier to complete (if all else fails I put in a ‘skip level’ button :p ).  Enjoyed making it, hope y’like playin’ it!


3 Responses to ““Writhe: The Thing from the Omega Sector” complete!”

  1. alyphen says:

    The visuals for this are stunning, good job! Looks like a pretty unique gameplay style, too.

  2. disease says:

    Wow those tentacles look great. Wish I knew Unity so I could see how you made them move so well (following smoothly when changing directions and squeezing through tunnels).

    • DragonXVI says:

      The tentacles’re actually a pretty basic implementation using Unity’s 2D physics. Essentially, you create a string of say 10 invisible rigidbodies and link them together with springs, then use Unity’s LineRenderer to draw the result. There’s a bit more logic to make ’em wriggle about but that’s about it!

      They can also get stuck on things and stretch absurdly :p

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