“Writhe” last stretch

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August 23rd, 2015 12:09 pm

Not sure why Gifcam melted during the recording of this and made everything green but whatevs TOO BUSY

Alright! Last stretch now, and it’s mostly polish now, audio’s in and the last of the annoying bugs’re squashed (maybe).  Sneaky peak above shows off a bit of the Final Boss and some other fun mechanics.  Still to go:

  • Level 6 (levels 1-5 are done, level 7 is the boss. Level 6 is mostly going to be a “Everything you’ve learned” level)
  • Custom mouse cursor for aiming the tentacle
  • Main menu / Title screen
  • Some kind of end screen
  • Level splash screens
  • Additional music
  • Submission prep

Gotta go fast!


6 Responses to ““Writhe” last stretch”

  1. rogual says:

    Looks fantastic, man.

  2. J@ckWhiteIII says:

    It is simply amazing! Currently my favourite, especially for the graphics and the tentacles.
    May I ask what your tools are?

  3. Mantlair says:

    Awesomeee! Wanna play this!

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