To JAM or not to JAM?

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August 23rd, 2015 9:55 am

So here’s the deal, I will most likely not be able to complete my game for compo. I bit too much once again. Now I always did compos, never jam. I always like the idea to do everything myself, even though I am not good at art and terrible at music, but I like the practice.

Now back the question, should I take 1 more day and try to finish the game and submit it in jam? I am afraid my game will look poor on the background of all the amazing team based games in Jam. Any opinions?

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5 Responses to “To JAM or not to JAM?”

  1. Ventura says:

    I think that graphics are cool.

  2. alexrus07 says:

    Your game doesn’t look poor. And you don’t need to be embarrassed just because someone some games might look better than yours. Be proud of your creation! :) Remember, the most important bit is that you had fun making it!

  3. BluShine says:

    I’ve done this before. Don’t worry about looking bad in the jam, your game already looks like it’ll probably be above average, even in the jam. Remember that there’s a lot of people out there with less experience, less time, etc.

  4. Cosmic5 says:

    This game looks great!

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