Last night right before I went to bed I made some nachos and ended up staying up until 6 composing the music for the game. It’s a short 48 second clip that loops but I think it fits the game well and doesn’t distract while adding a bit of ambiance!

I’d really like to show the intro a bit, but spoiler will be spoilers. Instead, here’s a clip of the generation screen in action, where you can generate, review the stats of, and test your shmup boss!

I also ended up on the name SPACE JUNK, in all caps because if I yell at you you’ll pay attention. :)

I’m just making some passes cleaning up code and hopefully speeding things up a little, just in case some lower end PCs have trouble. The game is completely cross platform thanks to the magic of Java!


I hope everyone is still having tons of fun! I know I sure am!

2 Responses to “SPACE JUNK: Pretty Much Done and Generating a Character!”

  1. Pickens Inc. says:

    Love the way your enemy CAN look, saw an early post of yours, and that was impressive, and this looks nice!

    I will say that I hate you because you can program AND draw AND compose music!

    Of course, I jest, but seriously, how do people do these things? Can I ask what you used to compose your music?

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