Hope – Progress 6

Posted by (twitter: @commodore_Kid)
August 23rd, 2015 5:27 pm

I’m a lonely artist here and I’m struggling with coding A LOT. Tried to implement a pathfinding because it was required but now there is a spike at the point it calculates a path. Very frustrated… The game looks nice but it’s just a walking simulator at this point. If there is any C# programmers out there who wants to help me I would really appreciate. I’m going for jam and would like to work on other art stuff + writing dialogues.

I think I’m not gonna make it.

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  1. ambi says:

    I have exactly the same problem. I feel your pain :). For what it worth what you did so far looks really nice.

    • commodoreKid says:

      I will probably manage to implement an inventory system + NPCs with animations but nothing more probably, dialogue system is over me. Also that freaking pathfinding spike kills me. Thanks for nice words :)

  2. Arowx says:

    Are you using Unity?

  3. Pickens Inc. says:

    Four words I can give: This looks absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Ohmu says:

    If I understand correctly, and you need just pathfinding and obstacle avoidance – you could just use standard Unity NavMesh components. Pretty easy thing to implement even for artist. There are tons of tutorials on how to do it.

    Too bad I’m working for my own artist, I would help you 100% otherwise. Gl.

  5. Hey! I can give you some code to make a dialogue thing!
    I made a package, here: http://puu.sh/jM6hq/9f5e39afb6.unitypackage

    I added some comments so you’re not lost in the thing, but here’s how it works:
    – Add the Canvas and ChatManager from the package to your scene.
    – Create some gameObjects and add the ChatPages on it, and “give” it to your NPC (a public ChatPage variable in the script).
    – When the player talks to the NPC, make it find the ChatManager object, and call its function “ChangePage”, passing a ChatPage as a parameter.
    – If you want a chat to start directly when the level is loaded, just set the currentPage variable of the ChatManager in the editor!

    I won’t be available during the 8-9 next hours (gotta sleep yanno), you can mail me if you need support at jerome.bretheau@gmail.com. Bon courage!

    • Oh, to download my package, right click -> save target as (or something like that), it’s a puush link, it always looks weird.

      • commodoreKid says:

        Hey thanks! I will definitely give it a try. The most terrifying thing for me was the dialogue system, if it works, I will be quite relieved. Thanks a lot. I’ll let you know and if everything works out, credit your name for sure :)

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