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August 23rd, 2015 5:26 pm

So I decided to be inspired by the Dark Brotherhood quest in Oblivion. The one where you kill all the competition participants in that house. Also Agatha Christie and Then There Were None. Hitman games also had this sort of gameplay.

You play a sneaky murderer that kills everybody but doesn’t get noticed or found out.

Aim high, right? Well, it was a little bit too challenging. I made the 3D assets well in time–It’s just that various complications building the project with Unity 3D made my project grind to a halt. At the moment I’m stuck trying to marry Navmesh agents with Rigidbodies and it’s not looking very pretty. Debugging sure takes the majority of my time. If everything just went smoothly I might be already done.

Now as it is, my game does have a three story house, and various things. The gameplay just is very barebones and consists of shooting people with banana peels. A simple mechanic of making people┬áslip into a banana peel and fall over the edge may include unforeseen complications. Like, what is a root bone. Oh, it may have been a good idea to build my character rigs with those, but oh well, maybe I will do without…

Anyhow. It looks like I won’t make it in time. It was a nice try. Would have been cool to actually make it to the finish line.

edit: If you click the picture you can see the animation. I don’t know how to GIF.


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