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August 23rd, 2015 7:39 am

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Day two is over! Today we prettied up the scene with some post-processing shaders and added textures to our particles. We also added an “enemy” model (the diver) that we need to rig and animate tomorrow. We got collision detection working in a lazy fashion; checking distance between collision points and radii. Simple, fast, and effective. We had some trouble with our movement so we ended up rewriting it using some real physics instead of mapping our movement directly to the gamepad. Now we apply force with a scalar and all is well. With this new physics movement, we also improved our collision ability where ramming into another object can send it flying. We still need to tweak exactly how we plan to do that, but we’re getting close to having proper gameplay mechanics!

Like our last Ludum Dare entry, we wanted this game to be voiced. We decided to take it a step further and integrate i18n support from the beginning. With this, we can cycle between translations including both text and audio. We currently have four text translations of our game and most of the English audio recorded. French and German audio should be coming tomorrow, as well as Italian, Portuguese, and Greek text translations if I can coordinate everyone.

Finally, before passing out, I managed to write a level loader so now we can load up varying levels into the same scene so no code needs to be duplicated or that junk. Woo!

Tomorrow we plan to finish the collision system and some gameplay mechanics so we can finally say we’ve made a game instead of Shark Swimulator. 😉

Good luck everyone, and good night!

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