Compo – Crossy Chasm

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August 23rd, 2015 12:49 am

I spent waaaaaay too much time on the graphics today.

Good things:
– The wave system is almost complete, you can choose your next wave when you die.
– Respawning is complete, you respawn after 10 seconds.
– I have 5 wave types. They are fairly well balanced in speed, hitpoints and spawn rate.

Bad things:
– I don’t think I have time to really incorporate the idle mechanics I had planned.
– I don’t have time to make multiple levels with different level design/terrain
– I definitely don’t have time to make an action system. I wanted to have “soldier towers” where little dudes spawn to fight you.

Final things that I think I can accomplish:
– I have 8-way animations for the main character. I should have time to include those.
– The “user” will be laughing at and taunting the monsters (you).
– I want to have the “user” creating new archer towers as he gets money.
– Finally, I want to have some powerups for the monsters…

Oh yeah, and music if I can slap down a nice battle drum beat.

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