Yesterday evening was largely a bust, but I’ve been making a decent bit of progress today.  Hooray!  I’ve got random dungeon generation up and running now, and MY SPECIAL SECRET IDEA THING!  Let’s see if anyone can tell what it is from a pair of screenshots.

First, just the random dungeon as one would expect to see in a Wolfenstein-esque raycasting FPS:


Next, same dungeon, same position and everything… but now with my crazy idea enabled:


Any guesses as to what’s going on?  Any idea what my game is?  Tune in to my next post for the answers!

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6 Responses to “7 Hours Remaining – Finally some noteworthy progress!”

  1. rxi says:

    Looking good! I saw your previous post that you made showing what you were using as a data reference. Really interesting to see it in practice, assuming its still related.

  2. JNT says:

    It looks like you are applying a wider field of view in the second shot, so I’m guessing that’s from the monster’s POV? Looks interesting.

  3. BoaHeck_ArtGent says:

    increased FOV + fish eye lens effect to simulate the way a monster might see?

  4. AnaglyphCoding says:

    nise grafix bro

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