“Writhe” Initial progress

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August 22nd, 2015 7:07 am

Hey all! Another LD Compo entry.  The theme wasn’t my hopeful winning choice but after rattling through a few ideas I’ve hit a solid pace now.

You’ll be taking the part of a lovely writhing mass of tentacles attached to a big hungry alien that’s escaped from its habitat on a Xenobiology Research Station and is ready to wreak havok.  Avoid security systems, devour scientists and escape!

The original plan was to have it entirely one-button physics based with the only movement allowed a kind of ‘latching’ tentacle you used as a sort of grappling hook, but that got annoying pretty fast so instead of spending 2 days balancing playable physics, I’m goin’ with something a bit more simpler!




3 Responses to ““Writhe” Initial progress”

  1. Flygamer101 says:

    Look Really Nice 😀

  2. RaysAndLazors says:

    And we are sitting here making an idle game. Kudos to you sir/madam, that is an amazing tentacle beast!

  3. kakarotsan says:

    Hot damn, that’s impressive!

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