“Writhe”: End of Day 1

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August 22nd, 2015 4:43 pm

Our old friend Mr. Rotating Laser Turret returns for revenge


Well, what started off as a bit of a physics battle is turning into a fairly simple but potentially funky little game.  Like my usual LD Compo entries, this is a fairly basic 2D affair with some kind of physics gimmick.  Your tentacles can be lashed out for striking things or grabbing dinner, and the objective is to eat every scientist in the level and reach the exit.

At the point now where I can start whipping levels together and get some ‘Gimmicks’ in in terms of obstacles.  Still to come are laser beams, missile turrets, explosive containers, breakable walls, force field zones…  Anything else anyone can think of? Might find time to bung it in 😀

I’d also like to get a Boss Level in to finish it off, so that’ll likely take up a chunk of tomorrow.

Last thing tonight is to pop open FL Studio and get started on the music! (I’ve been listening to a lot of Splatoon’s OST though so it might end up as kind “Alien Ska” at this rate…)  Hope everyone’s games’re comin’ along! 😀


Oh yeah I should probably make the scientists flee when you’re near… They seem a bit blind at the moment…


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