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August 22nd, 2015 11:53 am

Greetings everyone!

Ariedhan here directly from Gran Canaria.

So, just a brief recap about what we’ve been doing for this first 8-9 hours.

We started just as everyone else, with a couple of hours doing Brainstorming. After many awful ideas we came up with 3 that seemed to have jamming potential:

  • The Kraken: You are a kraken and your job is to sink boats (pretty straightforward…) The cool thing about this game was how the player progressed, first by controlling a little kraken which only attacked swimmers, and then, after a few attacks the kraken would grow and attack ships, from small fishing boats up to great aircraft carriers.
  • The Dracula: This one was an stealth game. The player controlled a vampire who had to kill alone victims without attracting any attention in order to get their blood. You could use different type of attacks, the more brutal the attack, the more blood the vampire will suck but also the slower the attack would be, making it easier for someone to spot the vampire and try to kill him.
  • The Devil Acolyte: This is the game we are developing. The players play as a mad devil acolyte who wants to bring the apocalypse. To do so, he needs to summon different demons from an altar using blood to paint the sigils. The blood will be obtained by killing either chickens or farmers. Once he has enough blood he then goes to the altar and summons a demon by drawing the sigil first. He then transforms into a Demon, goes on with the killing in order to obtain more blood and summon a bigger demon… This goes on until he brings apocalypse or when he dies, whatever comes first.

Here is the first concept of our acolyte, we hope you enjoy!



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