Slow start…

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August 22nd, 2015 10:46 am

The theme is…well…it’s okay.

So, like most of my previous LDs, I always get bogged down in the idea phase. Worrying too much about how adherent to the theme I should be or not is often what gets me.

Went to bed last night with a couple idea’s jotted down that I figured I would “sleep” on. None of them really resonated with me but I think I’m on to something new.

Taking from my blog post on Thursday about balance, I figured I should first find a gameplay mechanic that I would enjoy creating and then find an interesting art and story to go with it. What I have is a very basic idea for a 3/4 view sneaking game called Shade.

The game is centered around a demon from the Darkwold named, well, Shade. In the game, humans have found a way to reach the Darkworld and have disrupted Shades slumber by turning on a bunch of lights. In the Darkworld lights are essentially poison, slowly eating away at the demons and ghouls that inhabit this strange otherworld.

So the goal as Shade is to avoid the lights of the wandering “Astronauts” while destroying their sources of light. I’m thinking a very short narrative romp through a couple “puzzley” levels. We’ll be streaming at very soon, so be sure to drop in and check out the last stages of finalizing this idea. We should (finally) be getting to building this puppy within the hour!

Wish me luck! Less than 34 hours to go!

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