Run, monster, run!

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August 22nd, 2015 9:37 am

So I have been making some good process on my game. The basic game state and mechanics work. There’s a lose condition and an implied win condition. I wrote a very simple AI (which took me a lot less time than I anticipated) as well. This means that all the building blocks for the game are there…

Run, monster, run!

Now it is time to give the player a few more tools to play around with in the game. In this game you are being hunted by some ambitious adventurers (think D&D style) and you have to stay ahead of them at every step to stay alive. You can kill them by attacking them from behind, but if they spot you first you better run, because a heads-on fight you will definitely lose.

I am looking in making the game have a bit more depth by allowing you to set traps and maybe even make small changes to the dungeon by blocking doors (adventurers can still open it from the side you block it though) and such. I am also hoping to make different kind of adventurers. A rogue might be able to look a bit further ahead and detect traps, a mage might detect you even thought a wall and a charismatic warrior might be able to call close by adventurers to help.

We will see how far I get, but if my schedule holds, I should have a playable version by the end of today. Which means a full day for cool extras and polishing!

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