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August 22nd, 2015 6:56 am

So, for us (or for me, as my darling is still sleeping) Ludum Dare truly begins only now. Because after talking a little bit after the theme was announced, we have just duly left for sleep. Now, refilled on sleep, food and caffeine, it’s time to get cracking. As for the vagueish game ideas that we had so far:

  • Player is a monster eating people (I have a feeling this one will be very popular)
  • (1) Player is a monster who wants hugs and so he stealthily hugs people that want to shoot h(im|er), and they side with the monster
  • Player is a monster running away from people
  • … a monster racing with other monsters
  • Player is a person that drank some kind of chemical turning him into a monster
  • Player manages a village/colony/city/country of monsters growing and trying to grab all resources / eliminate humans / maximize the settlement happiness etc.
  • (2) Player is investigating a series of murders and has to find a monster who commits them. A monster can pretend to be another person, and thus the theme fit.
  • Player is a monster on the spaceship who needs to capture the spaceship.
  • Player can construct monsters from elements like body parts
  • (3) Like (1), but multiplayer: 2+ players together try to hug all the people, and when they are done, the people they have hugged have an epic shootout with each other, and the one whose people survive wins.

Honestly, (2) and (3) are my personal favourites. However, I can’t imagine at this moment fitting enough logic into the game during the LD timespan for (2) to be fun. And (3) is multiplayer, and so also quite a few levels of complexity above.

I’ll probably get started on (1). If anyone reads this and wants to take any of the ideas, go ahead. I firmly believe ideas themselves are worth zilch 😀

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