I need your help!

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August 22nd, 2015 12:13 am

The evil Dr Destructo’s nefarious plan has just been defeated by the forces of good and he is in a foul temper. He is sure that his plan was sound and the reason he lost was due to incompetence by his minions. He has summoned his loyal monster to use its powers of mind reading to discover who is responsible for the defeat and deal out horrible retribution!



Obviously the art is a WIP…

Here’s what I need.   I’m looking for funny ideas for reasons that this unspecified plan could have failed.  “Minion forgot to load his gun with bullets” and “Food poisoning” and “Overslept and missed the battle” are the types of things I’m looking for.  I’m hoping that the creative powers of the Ludum Dare community can come up with much better ideas than I could on my own.  So… any ideas?

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  1. Minions falls asleep in very responsible time because boss force it to work days and night and not give it lots of coffee :)

  2. Terrabalt says:

    The minion flee because it was raining.

    • MiniBobbo says:

      I’m trying to think about how I would work this in, but I like the idea. This will be a point and click adventure game where you are investigating these things, so maybe you could find a diary of one of the minions describing his fear of water…

  3. xWarZonex says:

    Minions decided to take a bathroom break
    Minions swallowed a swallow
    Minions just decided not to fight

  4. Creative Sectors says:

    Minion was busy developing a game for Ludum Dare.

    – Kardfogú of Creative Sectors.

  5. thedashdude says:

    The coffee machine broke.

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