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August 22nd, 2015 11:43 am

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For once I’m not starting with the graphics, which is pretty nerve-wracking because it means you’re developing this game that looks like utter garbage, and you’re just praying you’ll have time to do it up later. But, on the flipside, you know the gameplay will at least be solid.

So, in my game, you’re an actor playing a monster in a local play. You have to┬ácome on stage at the right time and say your lines, and at the end you get to see your review in the local paper.


  • Moving around
  • All rooms (backstage, stage, smoking room, etc.)
  • NPCs moving on their own
  • Game over screen

To do:

  • Talking
  • Review logic
  • Items, maybe?

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  1. THIS IS THE BEST. I love playing games about theater life– they’re always easier than the real thing, so it’s kinda like wish fulfillment. Can’t wait for this.

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