First quarter is over

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August 22nd, 2015 7:51 am

..and I got nothing. Not a single line of code. For 5 hours now I’ve been pondering about concepts, but none is convincing enough (or realistic for the given time frame), and thus I haven’t even started. :(


Can’t even make a generic platformer with that theme… that has always been my solution #1 when nothing else seemed appropriate.

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  1. careless says:

    I am doing a plat-former and come up with an idea I think works, just don’t think too literally

  2. DavidErosa says:

    I’m on the same boat. I guess I’ll take a shower, ’cause that’s when I really get all my LD ideas :)

  3. taviandir says:

    Okey here are some tips for u:

    1) – this is a search engine specifically to generate ideas. It looks at your input more abstractly, might help you come up with ideas. Keep it at default settings and search for “monster”, for instance.

    2) – Read up on the various definitions of what the word “Monster” actually means. Maybe some idea can come from there?

    3) As careless says, try to not think of monster too literally.

    4) Most important of all, the NUMBER ONE IMPORTANT thing in creativity (= coming up with ideas) is to STAY POSITIVE. Negativity is the quickest route to kill creativity.

    5) Try to combine the theme with themes from round 1-4. For example, what can you think of when you combine “You are the monster” with “Day and night”, or “The power of two”, or “Beyond the wall” ?? for the links to the rounds. (This one i I like to do myself a lot!)

    good luck!

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