All for One: Update 2

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August 22nd, 2015 12:08 am

Ok, I’ve got a fairly firm idea for my game now.

The working title is All for One. In this game, a group of people are trapped (not sure where yet. Stuck in the woods? Trapped in a building?) and with them is a doppelganger. The doppelganger is killing people one at a time and taking their forms. The people must find out who the doppelganger is, and either kill or escape them.


Of course, you are the doppelganger. You have to pick who to kill. Whenever you kill someone, you become them. Other NPCs may ask you questions to determine if you really are who you’re pretending to be. You need to fool them.



Currently you can walk around and start conversations with people. The conversations can advance but nothing really comes out of them. There is a plain-looking but functional text log that can hold events that have happened for your review.



This is my ‘todo’ list right now. Very simple. I will probably be expanding it as I proceed, as I realize more of the individual items and what they are. For now, I’m gonna take a break, but try to get a little more done tonight after I fuck around and play games for a bit.

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