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August 21st, 2015 8:44 pm

Well, this could have been worse. MUCH WORSE.

I didn’t have a specific idea in mind when I saw what the theme was but it I’m at least marginally happy with it. I’d been hoping for something Alchemy or Fantasy related, but this doesn’t quite hit me as that so the game I was hoping I’d get an excuse to make won’t be coming out. Instead, I’m going to brush off another idea I’d had. A horror-trope game about accumulating points by setting up certain circumstances.

The following are the preliminary rules that I came up with (I play too many board games.)

Each player (The Player + Computer) plays a Lord of Darkness who’s trying to usurp the others and become The Lord of Darkness. To do this, they make use of various horror-trope monsters in an attempt to gather enough fear (points) at the end of the game to beat their opponent. Each monster has certain rules that allow it to accumulate points:

  • Vampire: Every even turn that they’re on a town with more than one female population they score (And remove one female pop.)
  • Werewolves: At the end of the game, if still alive, they score five points.
  • Zombies: One point per zombie in play at the end of the game (Replaces 1 pop with a zombie for each two zombies in the town.)
  • Ghosts: Number of haunted towns squared (A haunted town is a town with one of your ghosts on it.)

Each player may also attempt to thwart an opponent by increasing the fear of a monster in a town (1 Point per fear). A town with fear in it will attract the hunters who can destroy the monster in the right circumstance. When a town has 5 fear of a monster a Hunter will spawn in that town. The hunters work with the following rules:

  • Vampire Hunter: Kills a in their town vampire if they scored in the previous turn.
  • Werewolf Hunter: Kills a random Pop (Werewolf included.)
  • Zombie Hunter: Kills half the numbers of Zombies on the town.
  • Ghost Hunter: Removes a ghost after three turns.

A player has several other actions they can take:

  • A player may spend 1 Point to move a monster to an adjacent town.
  • A player may spend 2 Point to move a spawned hunter.
  • A player may spend 3 Points to spawn a monster.

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