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August 21st, 2015 6:01 pm

With almost everything ready, here is  my usual “I’m in” post. Then, a bit of brainstorming with the candidate themes to estimulate the brain just before bed (lots of dark themes, I love them!)

As always, I’m still undecided about the language and development aspects. The main candidates are once again Haxe (plus OpenFL or Flixel)  on FlashDevelop or Unity 5/C# + Visual Studio. On my free time I’ve become interested in roguelike development, so using libtcod with Python or C++ has also crossed my mind but I should have devoted more time to do some research on that. (I even started a small project on my free time on top on PDCurses, too, but it’s too soon for it to be useful),

In case that I use them, on my last “I’m in” post for #LD32 I linked to some setup code built on top of Haxeflixel, plus some tilemap experiments that I’d done for Unity. Find them beyond the link, I’m afraid they haven’t changed at all since then.

Other than that:
GraphicsGale+Photoshop+Inkscape and Texture Packer if need be for art (I’d like to test Spriter, but not on such a short notice).
Bfxr + Audacity + Famitracker or Bosca Ceoil for sound and music.
Tiled for level editing depending on the game needs and the coding choice I end up making.
Trello for bookkeeeping

Good luck to everyone!

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