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August 21st, 2015 4:34 pm

Taking part the second time (with the intent to finish, fourth time total), I was super happy about myself that I actually finished the last time, so I’ll be striving to repeat that. Even if the timezones are screwing me over a bit, cannot start until six hours after the start, but at least I’ll have plenty of time before I need to sleep again 😀

This time I’m trying keep simplicity in mind all the time, even when my mind starts flying and plans start to turn into xcom or something 😀

I’m a lot more confident with Phaser (and Javascript) now, so getting things done shouldn’t take as long as it did last time. I’m also hopeful that the theme won’t be quite as problematic to figure out as the last one was 😀 I spent almost three hours the last time trying to think of ANYTHING.

I’ll be using:

“IDE”: Sublime Text 3 (it’s awesome, I love it)
Programming language: Javascript
Game Engine: Phaser. I’ve created a super simple project skeleton to start with. Feel free to use it, it has no game logic or anything, just catches keypresses and creates a phaser canvas. You can download it at: http://hunttis.fsck.fi/ludumdare/hunttistemplate.zip (~1MB)
Graphics: Pixen, Seashore, Sprite Something
Music: Garageband, Figure, Nodebeat
SFX: Bxfr, Chiptone
Other stuff: Tiled if needed.

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