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August 21st, 2015 4:51 am

I will probably go for the Unreal Engine for the first time. I started to learn it 3 days ago and it’s a lot of fun ! :p

Don’t worry, I will focus my work on the graphics and the mood, I’m much more comfortable in 3D than with a 2D engine.


So my tools :

Engine : UE4

3D : Blender forever

2D : I don’t know yet, depends of the style I will use, either directly on Blender or Krita maybe

Sound : Audacity and my mouth for the sounds effects ! [ *piou**piou* *taca* *tacaa*piou*tacatac* <= this is a laser gun ]

Misc : 1kg of pistachios, 1kg of candy, soda to keep me awake and maybe some whiskey to mix with it and help me sleep a bit sometime :p


Let’s have some fun ! :)

3 Responses to “I’m In”

  1. 2DemiGods says:

    Sounds awesome, will you stream the process?
    plus can you help me sometime understand UE4 basics?

    • LeoM says:

      I will try to make a screen cast for later but no stream, my Internet connection will suffer ! :p

      The the help with the UE4 basics, it’s more me who will need help, as I said, I started learning how to use it this week, I’m finishing right now my first mini game tutorial… :p
      Let’s see what I can do in two days ! ^^

      Plus, you are a demi-god, it should be ok for you 😉

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