I know what the theme will be!

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August 21st, 2015 1:37 pm

OK, kidding. Just practicing my clickbait skills. But seriously, I wonder if you can just look at the most positive winner from the first four rounds:

  • Round 1: Can’t Stop Moving 1337 – 1093 = 244
  • Round 2: A World In The Skies 1329 – 1085 = 325
  • Round 3: Death Is Not The End 1231 – 1080 = 151
  • Round 4: Alone In The World 1131 – 1034 = 97 (by the way, didn’t we once have Alone already?)

So it would seem that sentiment is most positive towards A World In The Skies. Tomorrow we’ll see if I’m right…

Has anyone looked at the vote data from past LDs to check whether the result of past rounds is a good predictor?

3 Responses to “I know what the theme will be!”

  1. caryoscelus says:

    Winning theme is more likely to get -1s, so..

    Afair, last two LDs final winner wasn’t the top theme (but maybe second? i don’t quite remember).

  2. velvelajade says:

    I don’t want a World in the Skies either. But I did take pictures of clouds just in case. However, “world in the skies” could be interpreted as a world where the people are just delusional, feet just don’t touch the ground, or grandiosity – in that their head is just not grounded in reality. lol I’m going to have to keep this in mind. I’m glad I brainstormed here.

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