Got my game explained in bullet points

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August 21st, 2015 10:52 pm

Because that’s the best way to organize one’s ideas, right?

  • Enemies may be in one of the following states:
  • { wander, pursuit, flee, help(?), avenge(?) }
  • Enemies and NPCs have levels (which linearly grows its power)
  • Enemies and NPCs may pose as a threat to the other, if its level is higher and it’s nearby
  • If the player kills a non-threatening enemy, its insanity grows
  • It also grows if the player is nearby a NPC when it kills a non-threatening
  • The player recovers some of his sanity whenever it saves a NPC/Enemy
  • At the end, the player will face the dark lord
  • If the player battles it and defeat it, its insanity will increase quickly
  • If the player goes insane, he becomes the new dark lord
  • The player may not face the dark lord, but he will need a relic to convince the dark lord there is a third way
  • This relic is only obtainable if *secret* (c’mon, I can’t spoil all the fun, right?)

Also, this will be the player:


I do wonder why I drew a cool guy with a jacket if I want him to defeat enemies with a sword… Oh well….

Now, time to get some sleep…


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  1. antfucker69 says:

    more like the code in bullet points

    get a job writing dictionaries

    also nice pic xxox


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