I’m in for LD33!  Code base and tools:

I am using a personal FlashDevelop Flixel project template as base code.

Here is what the project template loooks like without modification:


Here is the download link for the project template, which includes a README.TXT:


Everyone is allowed to use this project template but ONLY for Ludum Dare games.  Please email me (gtschemer at gmail.com) if you have any questions otherwise.

I am using my previous Ludum Dare entries for reference code so that I can look at them as needed.  Here are the previous entries including source code:







Planned tools:


Flash Development:


Image Editing:

2 Responses to “Announcing code base for LD33 — Flixel project template publicly available for Ludum Dare use”

  1. careless says:

    I have created but not finished a template like this for LibGDX, spending the first several hours of a jam implementing menus etc is not a great idea!

    A template like this allows us to concentrate on the game much like the Unity users who are designing a game and not writing a framework!

    Thanks for sharing, always interesting to see how others work for these jams.

    • GAFBlizzard says:

      I wasted way too much time just getting a tiled map working last time. I should probably use a bigger engine, or expand the template to have better tile support. 😛

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