A friendly “IN” robotic wave from Waverton

Posted by (twitter: @wavertron)
August 21st, 2015 3:01 am


Missed LD32, was traveling for work. Now overseas, but locked and (phaser) loaded for LD33. I’m a little rusty, but got a basic template up and running, so feeling good now.


  • Eclipse IDE (one of the myriad confusing packages that has javascript support)
  • Phaser v2.4.2, with P2 Physics (I should probably learn Phasers Arcade physic, but mid-jam is never the best time)
  • PhysicsEditor
  • The twin dragons, Inkscape and GIMP
  • Pen n Paper

2 Responses to “A friendly “IN” robotic wave from Waverton”

  1. Boberro says:

    Hey, I know that switching ide 12 hours prior to LD is never a good idea, but… I’m a preacher of jetbrains. If you need javascript, check out webstorm :)

  2. wavertron says:

    Yeah I agree, Jetbrains do make great IDEs. I used Intellij IDEA for years at work actually, not so much lately.

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