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August 20th, 2015 10:13 am

One idea per theme, feel free to steal :)

“A Band o’ Ned” — Four guys named Ned get together to play bluegrass
on Friday nights. Can you keep up with the toe-tapping rhythms?

Alone in the World
You are the sole human on an alien planet. You’ll need to integrate
into the alien society and not piss anyone off, while you try and find
water for your water-powered spacecraft.

A Map Will Be Useful
You find maps with an X telling you
where to perform the sacred ritual, then you have to go there and
perform it, and you get a thing. The maps start off straightforward,
with pictures of the level scenery in a certain area,
but the later ones are things like elevation maps, and after that,
things like maps of magnetic field density where you have to get
instruments to measure stuff before you even know where you are
on the map.

Top-down Zeld-alike. Fight your way through the Forest of Denial.
You have two weapons: your fists, and the Stone of K’mere. When you
use the stone, loose objects nearby zoom towards you. When you use
your fists, things get punched. Use these powers together to advance
through the Forest until you reach the final showdown with your
arch-nemesis, who has acquired a strange weapon of his own: the
Orb of Bugroff.

A World in the Skies
Literally anything, just add clouds.

Beyond the Wall
You’re a spy who’s got into some hermit kingdom. You’ll need to
integrate into society and not piss anyone off, while you try and
find evidence of nuclear weapons.

Build Your Way Out
RTS where the goal is to build the most expensive unit, a spaceship,
and get all your people off the planet, all while under siege
by poisonous worms with Rod Stewart’s face.

Can’t Stop Moving
You’re hurtling along inside a pipe, and you can rotate the pipe to
move obstacles out of the way, and you can jump, but you can’t stop.

Chain Reaction
Venture into a world made entirely out of reaction GIFs armed only
with a chain.

You are an intrepid vigilante, armed to the teeth, out to hunt
down and destroy the person who thought ‘companion’ would be
a good theme.

Day and Night
Navigate through a dangerous world where the day-night cycle is
only about a minute long. You face different challenges during the
day and the night, so you have to be prepared for what’s coming next.
For example, some monsters are nocturnal and sleep during the day,
but super deadly and hard to kill at night.

Death is Not the End
Platformer. When you die, you enter a new world, depending on
how you died and how you lived.

Immediately after you die, you go to the BARDO. This is configured
based on how you lived. Everything you killed in life is there trying
to kill you. Each bug you stepped on becomes 10 feet tall here.

Also, the bardo changes based on how you died. A big picture of your
mode of death hangs in the background.

If you pass the bardo, you are reborn into the world as either a
screaming baby in one of the possible families, or as one of the
possible animals, DEPENDING on your path through the bardo. Some paths
are open and some are closed, depending on your life. For example, if
you went to the church and prayed a lot, the path to become the priest
is easier to follow.

If you are killed in the bardo, you go to HELL! To get out of hell you
need to find the HELL CHAPEL and be absolved there. In hell there are
demons and flaming skulls, and if you die in hell you go to HELL 2. There
are several levels of hell. Dying sends you down; absolution sends you up.

When you’re playing you think the levels of hell go down forever, but
actually if you die in Hell 20, you just become an office worker in a
meeting that goes on forever, and you can’t escape.

Oh, how to win. You win when you close the tab.

Destroying Yourself
You are the least popular girl at school. One evening while surfing
the internet, you discover a website about witchcraft.
You try it out, and manage to control the mind of the
meanest girl in school for one evening; now, you have to make her
commit social suicide.

Expanding World
Vertical scroller where you need to get down to the center of the
Earth. The world is very tall but only one screen wide, and it
wraps around side-to-side. It’s projected onto the screen using a
rectangular-to-polar coordinate transform, giving the appearance
of a circular world that expands as you descend.

Growing Things
Physics side-scroller game where you navigate a town trying to collect
the Twelve Whatevers, your only weapon being a ray-gun that slowly
enlarges whatever you point it at.

Limited Capacity
Game: “Village Idiot”
Side-scroller set in a village; emphasis on dialogue. You are trying
to help the various villagers but unfortunately you are a stupid moron.
Your dialogue choices are things like “DUH” and “What’s money?”

Sometimes people try to teach you skills:

> The wise man tried to teach you MAGIC MISSILE!
> …but all you learned was how to wave your arms around and say

No Enemies
You find a spell that grants untold wishes, but it needs a hair from
an enemy’s head to work. The only problem is, you’re the nicest guy
in town and you don’t have any enemies! It’s the solstice tomorrow,
so you have one day to make an enemy.

One Rule

– Master Satoshi, thank you for coming to our aid. Please find
out who is embezzling funds from the treasury, and bring him
to justice!
– Your wish is my command.
– Oh, by the way, you’re from the Order of the Bumblebee, are
you not? What is the sacred vow that you have taken?
– Well, it’s…

…and then you get to choose:

  • I’ve vowed never to touch…
    • …running water
    • …a woman
    • …an animal
  • never to enter…
    • …the same door twice
    • …a shop
  • never to use…
    • …violence
    • …healing kits
    • …the letter e
  • never to face…
    • …left for more than one second
    • …an elephant statue
    • …a stone wall

Power Supply
On Moon Base Zappa, you are the sole survivor of a devastating
invasion. Having barricaded yourself inside the control room,
you must strategically allocate your limited electricity to various
base defenses to hold off the moon men until reinforcements arrive.

You are the Monster
Side-scroller set near a village. YOU are an eldritch monstrosity that
has resided near the village for aeons. But these days the villagers
are inventing things like steel armor and explosives, and they’re getting
some funny ideas about who’s in charge round here. Time to settle things
once and for all.

As an eldritch monstrosity, you have lots of powers, and the key is
figuring out how and when to use them. Each key on the keyboard does
something weird: spit fire, grow extra heads, call down lightning, etc.
You win when the villagers are all dead or fled, but be careful not to
burn yourself down.

3 Responses to “PREPARED”

  1. NeithXD says:

    Please make “A Band o’ Ned” regardless of the chosen theme :)

  2. SirGwalahad says:

    A World in the Skies
    Literally anything, just add clouds.

    That’s basically my thought. When i saw that top in the votes, i was like:

    “That’s terrible. Oh well if it wins I’ll just do whichever one i want – and add clouds or geese or something”

  3. NuDawg says:

    I really like your idea for Alone in the World. If that’s the winning theme, I might steal this from you :)

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