as mentioned earlier I’m still in

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August 19th, 2015 10:18 am

And it looks like I’ll still be using a custom engine, aside from a 2 day struggle with emscripten just refusing to work and some… err, minor setbacks I’m still somehow on schedule

The rendering code I need has been written, I need to write some more complex shaders and some AABB bounding box intersection code for physics but other than that I’ve written almost the entire engine (well, I still have sound support but that’s optional 😛 I can always just rush in mp3 support for looping bgm and not use sound effects, that works I hope).

Now if emscripten would just accept my std::vectors that’d be lovely, of all the things that break one of the critical data structures has to be one of them. bloody hell.

And I wrote such nice shader compilation code too (ha! told you I’d use shaders) :/

Ah well, I filed a bug report, if it’s not an emscripten bug it sure as hell is a documentation bug, I read it cover to cover and nowhere did it say that vectors are defunct.
I suppose I should convert my logging function to use C style arrays instead of vectors, I can’t really test my code without the debug logging (and it would never be invoked during normal gameplay so that’s fine, the only way it would be invoked is if shader compilation or linking failed; something that won’t happen past release because I test my shaders :3)

Ah well so far so good, I really enjoy crunch time; so much gets done.

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