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August 18th, 2015 7:21 pm

So I will (try to) make a game fitting the theme in the designated timeframe. BUT my internet it really slow at he moment (took quite long to even open the form the publish this post) and so uploading my result could become a problem. This means that I wont be able to submit anything containing any (not code generated) graphics or sound to keep the filesize low. This means that I will have to either make a console based game (which is undesirable since I already did one last LD) or one that uses simple shapes (probably rectangles) for graphics (which is equally undesirable because I think it looks just ugly). And even then I cant be certain that I will be able to upload it.

Anyway here are the tools I will be using:
-IDE: Code::Blocks
-Language: C++
-Libary: SDL

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