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August 18th, 2015 4:29 am


Over the summer I participated in the A Game By Its Cover game jam, which just ended yesterday. I made a game called Eternal Eski based on a fake cartridge I found on, and it’s about building spaceships and controlling them by typing various commands into the ship’s computer. As a result of this I’m currently quite tired, but if I find the theme interesting I’m likely going to do LD too.  I’ve been doing a lot of Dart + WebGL stuff for AGBIC, so I think I’m probably going to step away from C++ for a while. Raw WebGL is certainly a challenge, but if I prepare sufficiently it should be fine.

I will be using:

– Intellij IDEA

– Photoshop

– sfxr

– Dart + WebGL

Oh, and here is a link to my AGBIC game if you want try it out.

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  1. nka says:

    Looks awesome, can you share some tutorials or articles on your WebGL development workflow?

    • Ronin748 says:

      Well, I actually haven’t looked at any tutorials specifically on WebGL, I often just like to experiment and see what works for me. On general OpenGL information the Red Book (OpenGL Programming Guide Eighth Edition) is definitely my source. Basically, watching Notch livestream.

      • nka says:

        Yeah, that’s definitely a way to go. It’s just hard for me to code for web since the environment is not OOP friendly. Can’t imagine making something solid with pure html and js even though opengl is not that hard after all. So I was wondering how did you handle structuring you code right. The game is superb by the way.

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