I’m in for first time

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August 17th, 2015 10:08 am

Hi all

Super excited to finally take part in my first Ludum Dare. Goal: Finish anything.

Any tips from the pros?

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  1. Druid says:

    Tip 1 – Stop drinking any caffeinated drinks ASAP! If you clean your body from caffeine now, you get serious boost later.

    Tip 2 – Take a break every 2 hours. Go outside for a while or make something different.

    Tip 3 – If you are tired – go to sleep. Is better to spend 4 – 6 hours with sleeping instead of non productive work.

    (sorry for my horrible english 😀 )

  2. tlaine says:

    Keep it super simple. Hack in more features if you feel they contribute to the game somehow and you still have time left. But think well through the very core mechanics and concentrate on those first.

  3. jcwelgemoed says:

    thanks guys.

  4. I’ve only done one Ludum Dare, but my tip would be to first choose what you’d like to learn or get better at. Maybe an art style? A new engine like Unity or Unreal? Some pathfinding or AI coding techniques? Or just time management to finish a project.

  5. OccamsRazor says:

    Good luck! You’ll either love it, or it may kill you. Most likely both.

    My advice? Pace yourself. You don’t want to burn out too early, plan your time, take some breaks, get (some) sleep, and don’t forget to eat.

    Keep your idea simple, and be very conscious of the ‘minimum viable product’. Make something that qualifies as a ‘game’ first and foremost. You can always add features if you find you have more time at the end, but you can’t magic a game into completion because you got caught up in the details.

  6. refreshgames says:

    Keep it simple, don’t go overboard on coffee, etc. Make sure you know your development tools well, get a decent nights sleep the night before and the first night, because you’ll need it for the second day.

    Try to be “game finished” with a few hours to go, so you can add all the nice bits with the time left.

    Heck, it’s my 10th Ludum Dare over here, hope I take my own device this time!

  7. refreshgames says:

    Bloody auto-correct. advice…ADVICE! Not device….

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