Well, hello again!

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August 15th, 2015 4:04 pm

So, hello again, dear developers!

And again, I’m going to participate in the LD, for the 4th time in the lifetime of this universe.

I’m a 16 year old hobby developer from Russia, with something like 2.5 years of C++ experience. (I start to forget when I started to do it. :D)

And I just want to say hello to those people who have enough skills and enough courage to partipate in the event this time.

As I said, it will be my fourth time. I’m really happy about it. I have no idea how I can make money with my skills at this point, so only thing that I can make with them is to partipate in various events and contests. (And sometimes I make small utility programs.) And Ludum Dare is the biggest of them. I thint that it’s one of the main reasons why I continue to develop my programming, drawing and music-making skills. Funny thing is: I didn’t learn anything super big for some time already, I just made games and used some new libraries. But my skills are still somehow improving! Just look at these results (which I’m very proud of):



And I’m going to try again. I’m going to do something with this shameful ‘humor’ regression, but beating other results can be hard. Especially that cool ‘Overall: #42’. But I’m still going to try at best of my abilities and improve all or at least most of them!

And there is one more interesting thing: My life changed a lot since previous LD. I’m now in different city and some things have changed. I feel more happy about my life at this moment. And I’m very interested in looking at how these changes in my mind will change the way how I make games.

But there is one disadvantage in being in another city: I have not took my workstation with me! D: So now, while I writing this post now, I’m sitting in a small and not so clean room in front of slightly crappy laptop with tiny 1366×768 screen, using old vacuum cleaner as a chair. 😀

I left my physical tools behind, by my virtual tools are still with me:



  • CodeBlocks – Just because it’s best free C++ IDE I know.
  • MinGW-w64 (GCC 5.1) – A C++ compiler. Because it’s best C++ compiler, in my opinion.
  • Winamp – Old, but still very good music player.
  • Paint.NET – Last version of it slightly suck, but it’s still my favourite graphics editor.
  • Fony – I don’t think I’m going to use it, but who knows. It’s a pixel font editor, and I have a lot of handmade fonts already. (BTW, I’m very happy about it: I make almost all fonts that I use for my games and even for code in my IDE by myself!)
  • Notepad++ – A very nice text editor, for those cases when IDE is too bulky.
  • Sfxr – Small but nice sound effects generator.
  • LabChirp – Also sound effects generator, but more complicated. You need to know how sound waves work to make something with it.
  • LMMS – Music editor. Too complicated for me at this moment, but maybe I will use it a little.
  • Audacity – Sound editor. It’s hard to make something new with it, but it’s very good for editing existing sounds.
  • Sunvox – Nice music editor! I bet you have not heard about it before, but it’s easy to use and have interesting effects. And it have one killer feature: Very good echo and reverb. And as you know, every junk sounds good if apply enough echo and reverb. 😀
  • ShaderSandbox – It’s not on the screenshot. Basically, it’s just an offline Shadetoy, which can save images generated with your GLSL sahders to files. I made it myself! You can read more about it here.

And I want to say a few words about my engine. I don’t use those frameworks, when you have everything done for you. I use my own handmade engine, ‘L8’, which I’m very proud of. (3300 lines of code.) It’s written on top of SDL, OpenGL (GLEW) and OpenAL. No other libraries. It have some support for both 2D and 3D graphics and 3D sound effects. And it even works on android! (But at this moment without sound.) See it here.

I’ve recently added support for old OpenGL 2, so you will no longer have any problems with old PCs! So, if some of you have tried to play some of my games and got an error message about too old OpenGL version, please write a comment about it and will port that game for the new engine version when I will have some time.

That’s all that I wanted to say.

I’m eagerly waiting for the event to start.

Good luck to every one of you who is brave enough to participate in this LD!


5 Responses to “Well, hello again!”

  1. g_o says:

    C++ and custom engine ha? Just the way I like! =]
    What do u plan to use for physics? are you gonna build something simple from scratch in the compo itself or just use some lib? BTW why not use Visual Studio? It’s not the fastest but compared to CodeBlocks I must say it’s way more comfortable ( to me at least ).
    Nice results too! =] Good Luck

  2. CubeGod says:

    Another custom engine guy, eh? Nice.

    Personally I use NetBeans for my larger C++ projects (CodeBlocks has some annoying bugs under linux in newer versions and scales poorly to large projects (40k lines+), YMMV) and a terminal for everything else (hey, I have access to text editors (nano, vi, emacs), compilers (gcc, emcc, clang) and a browser(w3m); what else do you need?)

    But I digress, may the best developer win, I’m sorta curious to see how the other custom engines fare against mine (which I’ve arbitrarily decided to develop in six days because that seems appropriate for a basic engine with OpenGL 2.x support, audio, and physics (and input))

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