Experimental Work Cycle

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August 14th, 2015 8:19 am

During previous LD events, I’ve tried to plan my weekend around getting just enough sleep that I can finish the event, but spend as much time as I can working. I usually aim to get ~8 hours sleep, with the other 40 hours working, and split the compo into two “days” – Saturday runs from the event start (~2am over here) until some time Saturday evening, then Sunday is from whenever I wake up till ~5am Monday, when all the submission and early voting is done.

But instead of working two-ish days which are 20-30 hours long and difficult to plan around, why not split those 40 total working hours into a regular working week? By standard planning assumptions, you’ll have five days of eight hours with 75-80% velocity – so about 6 hours of useful work and 2 hours staring out a window or gurning at Facebook. I’ve sketched up a working schedule that I’ll try out this event:

Sat 2am Event Start – Day One
Sat 3am
Sat 4am
Sat 5am Break
Sat 6am Day One Afternoon
Sat 7am
Sat 8am
Sat 9am Break
Sat 10am Day Two
Sat 11am
Sat 12pm
Sat 1pm Break
Sat 2pm Day Two Afternoon
Sat 3pm
Sat 4pm
Sat 5pm Break
Sat 6pm Sleep
Sat 7pm Sleep
Sat 8pm Sleep
Sat 9pm Sleep
Sat 10am Sleep
Sat 11pm Sleep
Sat 12am Sleep
Sun 1am Sleep
Sun 2am Day Three
Sun 3am
Sun 4am
Sun 5am Break
Sun 6am Day Three Afternoon
Sun 7am
Sun 8am
Sun 9am Break
Sun 10am Day Four
Sun 11am
Sun 12pm
Sun 1pm Break
Sun 2pm Day Four Afternoon
Sun 3pm
Sun 4pm
Sun 5pm Break
Sun 6pm Day Five
Sun 7pm
Sun 8pm
Sun 9pm Break
Sun 10am Day Five Afternoon
Sun 11pm
Sun 12am
Mon 1am Break
Mon 2am Submission Hour

At a guess, Day One is planning & prototyping, Day Two is core mechanics, Days Three-Four are content (graphics & audio) and additional features and Day Five is playtesting, polish & bug-fixing. Each break is a chance to stretch my legs, clear my head and check my progress, so hopefully I’ll have more time to spend on areas I usually skip (like audio) and not burn all my hours on one thing.

Has anyone else tried a work schedule like this?

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