Warmup Weekend for Ludum Dare 33

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August 13th, 2015 9:11 am

Are you itching for some Dare? Yeah! Are you ready though? Nope!?! Then between now and the start, you’re encouraged to test your tools. We call it Warmup Weekend (but we don’t mind when you submit, be it today or next week). Make some art, import it, and draw it on screen. Make some sounds, import them, and play them on cue. If you’re using a new development tool, figure out the development cycle. Learn how to make a release too!

Bullet point summary:

  • No rules or limits. This is practice.
  • Learn your development tools! Write some code, run it.
  • Make some art, get it on screen, make it move.
  • Print some text to the screen. Print some text to a log (if applicable).
  • Make some sound, get it in game, make it play.
  • If you’re motivated enough, make your experiments in to a game!
  • Make something that should take “hours”, not 2 days.
  • Then package it up, put it online.
  • No time or day limit. But if you have no other plans this weekend, why not?

If you like what you’ve done, feel free to share it.

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19 Responses to “Warmup Weekend for Ludum Dare 33”

  1. PhiPhi72 says:

    Today I got my new rig, that I’m gonna use for LD33. First thing is to install all the tools I’ll need for game creation. Then possibly make some games too. Aug 20-21 is national holiday here in Hungary so I guess I’ll hold 2 little jams myself and make 2 games in 48 hours :) Good luck everyone! Happy Ludum, Lucky Dare. 😛

  2. FacticiusVir says:

    Is it possible to submit multiple things?

    • ManlyStump says:

      I’m certainly no authority around here, but since there’s no competition involved in this “warmup”, I can’t imagine they’d have anything against it.

      • FacticiusVir says:

        I was thinking in terms of “will the submission form physically accept it” but having looked I can just update my submission with multiple items as I go.

        • sotoaustin says:

          how do i join

          • PoV says:

            As long as you have an account here at Ludum Dare, you don’t need to join, you just need to submit once you finish.

            This will change with the new website, but at the moment, the old (current) way does not require you to join (just submit).

        • PoV says:

          The current website only supports 1 submission per event. If you really want to submit multiple things, you can create a 2nd account, but we would encourage you to just submit one thing (your favourite of what you end up making).

        • Jan Tuts says:

          If you are using Unity, you could make the various games just be multiple scenes within the same “game”. Then you just make it boot up to a game selection screen and call the entire thing “SpringCabal’s LD33 Warmup Compilation” or something. It’s pretty straightforward to implement, actually. 😀 And I’m pretty sure you can do the same fairly easily in most other engines too. :)
          For Unity, you can even use Unity’s own “Game Jam Menu Template” and simply add or edit some buttons: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/40465

  3. sotoaustin says:

    How do i do this

  4. Andrew Deem says:

    Currently on vacation, but the day I get back I will submit some stuff. I’m rusty with some tools so it’ll be nice to get some practice in!

  5. SpringCabal says:

    We made something last weekend (as most of us are busy on this one), so I hope this counts!
    Warmup turned out to be very useful last time, hope we’ll see good results again.

  6. Exciting! Gonna get some dev time done today, it’s gonna be fun :)

  7. Jwatt says:

    I’m gonna try out the limits of the Gamejolt API. After the Indies vs. Gamers jam, I totally realized I should incorporate highscores or more demanding user-submitted content in Ludum Dare too.

    Without players having to register anywhere else, ideally.

  8. CubeGod says:

    Excellent idea, are the rules the same as it was the last few years?
    Specifically about what tools can be used, such as any engine available to others is fair game; even custom ones.
    I want to spice things up by writing a simple 2D engine and using that instead of an available framework, if I can finish it within a reasonable time (given the featureset I intend 6 days should be more than enough to write, test, and upload it to github).

    Anywho, even if I can’t do that I’ll just also play with some existing 2D engine as a backup plan (since I can’t guarantee the engine’ll be done by the dare and I’m at least going to try to make a game for it, or two if I have the time!).

    • CubeGod says:

      oooh. I checked over the rules and answered my own question 😛
      “You’re free to use any tools or libraries to create your game. You’re free to start with any base-code you may have.”

      I can then make my engine, the boilerplate code for a base project and that’s fine. Awesome, awesome.

      • CubeGod says:

        well, I suppose “You’re free to use any tools or libraries to create your game. You’re free to start with any base-code you may have. At the end, you will be required to share your source code. *” would apply if we’re being really specific about it but still, the gist applies and I have no qualms about giving 48 hours of code to the world :)

  9. LavaGhost says:

    Hi! You seem like ur into ludum dare since u made an epic wallpaper! Im new. How do I sign up and/or submit my game?

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