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August 10th, 2015 8:56 am

In for my third Ludum Dare! This time, I’m mixing up the tool set:

  • RPG Maker VX for game engine
  • Not entering Graphics/Audio categories.

That’s right, I’m doing the Jam! This is a big experiment; I want to focus 100% on design and storytelling this time. Will it work? Will it crash and burn? Find out… next (next) week on: Tales from the Ludum Dare, Episode 33: Attack of the Killer Game Engine!

Edit: I’ve been playing around with the idea of randomly generating dungeons. Since I’m doing the Jam, I thought I’d write the generator and integration code (bleh! boring!) early, and focus entirely on balance, story, and mood (yay! fun!) during the actual Jam. Code is here.

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